March 31st, 2010

Bathing Vibrating

Beauty And Relaxation Tips – Bath Toys For Adults

Are you bored with your bath? There is some reinvented approaches the way you take a bath, this time you will never get bored of bathing because innovative bath toy will change the way you bathe. Remember the days when you were a kid, when baths were fun? Well bath toys aren’t just for kids. If you’re suffering from dull bath syndrome, it’s time that you shake things up a little, with a few fun bath and body accessories to bring out the playful kid out in you, along with that youthful skin.

The rubber ducky just doesn’t cut it anymore. Let’s face it-when you get older, you need a little more than bright-colored objects that float to really wow you. Luckily, there are plenty of bath products made for adults that will liven up your bath experience, while helping get you fresh and clean and on your way. Don’t get us wrong but these products are not just there to amuse you, rather there are useful products that help clean up your act, so to speak.

No two things are quite as relaxing as a bath and a massage. So why not put those two things together? There are all kinds of decorative and effective body massagers made for use in the bath. There are lots of massagers that are motorized for vibrating effects, but you can just as easily go low-tec. A simple four-pronged hand-held massager will work knots out of your muscles and relax your entire body. A massaging head rest and neck support will help you avoid uncomfortable bath positions that can cause muscles to kink up, while working away tension. This low tech innovation is not just simple but it is also very effective. The four-pronged hand-held massager will leave you relaxed and energized. You may no longer feel the need to use a motorized massager again. While motorized massagers are good, you can not really customize the stimulation the way you do with a hand-held massager in the water.

For a relaxing experience, whether you’re taking a shower or bath, get yourself a relaxing foot massaging bath matt. These are available in low-tech form, with nubs and feelers working the surface of your feet, or in high-tech form, with waterproof vibration mechanisms. They also work great to loosen any dry skin under your foot as well as soften your skin. They are a great way to relive your self from ankle pain or any other sort of leg pain.

Bath mitts don’t have to have to be in the shape of Big Bird’s head to be great bath accessories. They make bathing easy and fun, and the wide range of styles and materials they come in gives you lots of options. For a gentle cleanse, get yourself a terrycloth mitt in a color you enjoy. For exfoliating effects, grab a loofa mitt to work away dead skin particles. You won’t just feel young-you’ll look young. And once you’ve gotten yourself a few toys, what could make you feel like a kid again like a good bubble bath? Pick up an aromatic bath foam, drop a few capfuls into your bath as it fills, and let all your worries get lost in the bubbles. Chocolate bonbons are, of course, entirely optional-but you don’t even have to ask your mom’s permission.

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