February 7th, 2010

Walk Comfortably With Spenco Supports

According to the Foot Health Network, three out of four Americans will suffer serious foot problems in their lifetime. However, only a margin of the population is born with these problems. In many cases, unsupportive, ill-fitting shoes are at fault. That is where Spenco supports come in. Offering plush insole cushioning, Spenco supports promote optimum foot health and keep you moving all day. With Spenco supports, you will be less likely to be slowed down by Foot Pain or fatigue.

Spenco supports are designed to give you the perfect amount of Arch Support and shock absorption, all while adjusting the alignment of your feet as you walk. Since one fourth of the bones in your body are in your feet, their alignment is a key component to overall comfort. When your feet are out of alignment, so is the rest of your body.

As Spenco supports adjust your alignment, there is a good chance that you will notice significantly less pressure on your joints, even after being on your feet all day. Also, a distinct reduction in knee, hip and back pain, all of which can result from improper walking techniques, may be experienced as well. Walking is one of the best exercises for your feet, and your overall heath. Spenco supports are designed to enhance balance, making walking easier and more enjoyable.

In most cases, as you continue to use Spenco supports to cradle and support your feet, you will feel some of the everyday aches and pains you learned to live with start to fade, allowing you to be more active each day.

With superior arch support, Spenco also provides immediate relief from common foot pains and aches caused by unsupportive shoes. Also, Spenco supports keep your feet from slipping and rubbing inside your shoes, which is one of the most common causes of painful blisters and calluses.

Spenco supports are made out of a unique shock-absorbing material that is designed to cushion your every step while providing support where you need it most. These unique supports conform to the contours of your feet, eliminating pressure caused by less ergonomic soles. The surface of the supports is designed to reduce friction and maximize grip, further eliminating the chance of blisters and discomfort.

Spenco supports are available several sizes shapes and styles. So regardless of your lifestyle, Spenco supports you every step of the way. Full-length supports fill the entire Shoe Insole area, giving you optimum support from heel to toe, with special focus on the arch area. These lightweight insoles fit every kind of shoe, effectively absorbing impact and side to side friction.

Quarter-length insoles are also available, offering a similar level of support that reaches from to the heel to the ball of the foot. These compact insoles provide the stability and support of full sized orthotics, without the bulk, making them ideal for dress and casual shoes.

For those suffering from pain in the ball of the foot, Spenco Metatarsal Arch cushions may be a solution. These small, lightweight supports discreetly fit in any shoe, providing extra cushioning to the metatarsal arch and decreasing foot fatigue. Plus, these small insoles allow you to wear your favorite pair of stylish shoes without compromising comfort or support.

Spenco Heel Cushions protect the heels from high impact and stress caused by regular jogging or fitness walking. Twice as thick as Spenco slip-in insoles, these highly supportive cushions absorb serious shock and prevent blisters, even during rigorous workouts.

Spenco even offers supports specially tailored for women. Because they have a greater quadriceps angle, or Q-angel than men, women often experience more knee, hip and back pressure. Spenco Women’s Total Support Q Factor Insoles are uniquely designed to reduce this pressure and decrease the risk of injury.

For dedicated athletes, the Spenco PolySorb Cross Trainer makes any shoe perfect for running, walking, court sports, weight training, aerobics and much more. The PolySorb’s contoured bottom layer provides lightweight shock absorption, while the pre-formed heel cups stabilize the arch for increased performance and reduced risk of injury.

Once you start wearing Spenco supports, you’ll never go back to standard Shoe Insoles again. It is hard to replicate the ultimate comfort of proper arch support and healthy foot alignment that Spenco provides. Remember, your feet are relied on heavily for support day in and day you’re your feet also mirror your overall health. Spenco supports not only can eliminate foot pain, they can also promote long term, total body wellness.

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