February 7th, 2010

Knee Guard
Do I need Knee pads in Paintball?

I am going paintballing tomorrow with a few of my friends and I found some of my old rollerblading knee, elbow and wrist pads. I was wondering if I should wear knee pads so that I won’t graze my knees. We are going outdoor paintballing and it is in the Australian bush so the ground will be rocky and hard. So yeah, should I wear my knee, elbow and wrist guards?
I am going to Adrenaline Plus Paintball in Townsville, which is in North Queensland.

At least bring the knee pads. Better to have and not use than not have at all. The elbow pads probably won’t be needed unless you’re doing commando crawls on your stomach. Wrist guards for rollerblading won’t be useful (assuming those are the one’s with the plastic plate/padding on the palms) since they’ll get in the way.

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