February 20th, 2010

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Left Hand Drive Car Information Guide

Left hand drive cars or lhd for short are cars where the steering wheel is located on the right side if you are sitting inside or the left side if you are facing the front of the vehicle. Throughout this article I will be using lhd for left hand drive and rhd for right hand drive cars.

Depending on what country you are in and the side of the road they drive on, you may have never heard of left hand drive cars before Why can’t you drive both lhd and rhd cars in all places? This is due to strict laws that countries have for driving on their roads. Even though left hand drive and right hand drive cars drive the same, driving a left hand drive in a right hand drive area is probably illegal. Signs, toll booths and traffic lights are all tailored for one side or the other, not both. There just isn’t a way that both left and right hand drives can be accommodated.

In addition to that, some countries are requiring that all cars twenty years or older be converted to left hand drive if the are right hand drive and vice versa. The reason for this is because it simply isn’t safe to have a left hand drive car on the road in right hand drive country.

The process of changing a cars primary driving parts from one side to another requires a conversion kit and someone knowledgeable enough about conversions to implement them. Another option is to contact a specialist dealer to acquire a left hand drive car. It is more expensive to purchase cars that drive on the opposite side of the traffic flow no matter where you go. One reason is because it is harder to sell over the correct driving side models. Wouldn’t it be great if cars were made with the steering wheel in the middle of the car opposed to the left or right hand side?

Left hand drive car manufactures:
Aston Martin DB9/ Ferrari Enzo/ Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale/ Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren/ Porsche Carrera GT/ Porsche 997/ Ford GT40/ Lamborghini Gallardo/ Murcielago

There are few things to consider with left hand drive cars outside of the left hand drive areas. Insurance cost, laws and auto repairs are the biggest issues with them. Even finding a driving school with left hand drive cars can be tricky. Before investing in an lhd whether it be to drive or just to add to your car collection, these concerns should be evaluated before you decide to buy. It doesn’t make much sense to buy a lhd if it’s; illegal to drive, impossible to find parts and a mechanic that does repairs or can’t be insured.

Popular Left Hand Drive Car Models
Aston Martin DB5 left hand drive
Lincoln Navigator left hand drive
Mazda MX-5 Roadster
Mitsubishi Pajero GDI V6 3500 left hand drive
Toyota MR2 Spyder left hand drive

Finding a Left Hand Car

Interested buyers of left hand cars should check online for the best deals. Places such as Ebay often have them for sale. You may want to check with local car dealers but don’t be too surprised if they don’t have a clue as to what a left hand drive car is. This isn’t uncommon at all.

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