February 14th, 2010

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Sony Ericsson Cybershot Series- 1digital Imaging at Your Hand


Cyber-shot technology is incorporated in Sony Ericsson photo phones to let you experience mobile imaging.  This is an ideal phone for photographers who would not like to miss a shot as the Cyber-shot phone is handy for any unexpected moment of opportunity.  There is no worry about mistiming any shot with these phones as the Cyber-shot phone captures nine shots when you click on the subject form which you can keep the one you want and delete the rest. The xenon flash throws a burst of high-intensity light at the exact moment so that you can capture quality pictures with the right lighting in indoor and low light situations.  The auto focus focuses the subject in the center of the picture frame getting you exactly the right picture that you want. PhotoFix is incorporated into the phone to adjust the light, brightness and contrast etc by a single click operation enabling you to get the perfect picture quality.

Sony Ericsson Cybershot K790a

Sleek design

This Cybershot phone has many advanced features of a standalone camera. Sony Ericsson Cybershot K790a has a sleek design with a large screen and a tactile keypad.   You can take a picture of the exact moment and even print or share it directly from the phone. It offers a complete digital imaging facility through the dual front phone. The phone has high speed data transfer and voice capabilities making it a business tool and are rich in entertainment features. 

Communicate, work and play

The package includes of stereo portable hands free. The Bluetooth wireless technology frees your hands.  You can have an all new experience with the integrated built-in camera with the screen viewfinder and dedicated menus and direct interaction from the phone to printer or other devices facilitating imaging and messaging. Wherever you go, you can stay connected through your email using your mobile phone.

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