March 12th, 2010

Tone Muscle

Reasons Why Athetes Need To Increase And Tone Their Muscle Mass

Since athletics is most commonly about endurance, the athletes themselves need to have strong and well toned muscles that can endure not only the sports they participate in, but also to endure the tough exercise they go through.

The only way that athletes can increase muscle involves two important components that is diet and weight exercise. On its own, exercise will not allow maximum growth of muscle, on the other hand following a weight gain diet will result in added fat instead of muscles.

Since athletes go through endurance exercises or sports for instance weight lifting, they must ensure that their diet allows for maximum muscular development. The least amount of protein in the food is about 1 gram of protein per body weight. Protein is the most important element that is required primarily because the muscles themselves are made up of proteins. Athletes should aim to eat some protein in every meal. After the daily protein intake, the athletes can then move to carbohydrates and fats.

Although increased calories are needed for muscle growth, too much caloric intake will result in the build up of fats thus no build up of muscles. Fats in minimum amounts and carbohydrates are important since they provide energy that will help the athletes as they exercise.

With the endurance exercise, for instance weight lifting in addition to the recommended required protein intake will stimulate the muscle to grow. Athletes should not aim at only building select muscles but all the body muscles; they should aim at working out each body part once a week.
Over working the muscles will lead to injuries, thus an athlete should not go further than the muscles wish. It is basic that whether one is recovering from an injury, aiming at muscle growth or even for good sports performance, then they should stick to a recommended diet, of high protein diet, low fat content and carbohydrates.

The athletes’ further not only need well built muscle mass but also they need to tone their muscles, this does not only benefit the athlete with improved appearance, but also skeletal and cardiovascular health. The most true and tried ways that has been recommended consistently by fitness and medical professionals since it improves the bones is the free weights and weight-bearing exercises. Toning requires some level of muscular challenge and thus exhaustion due to heavy weights. Toned muscles require some challenge so as to build up.

For the best toned muscles an athlete should do the exercises on a regular basis so as to reach all the body muscles. Exercise all the body muscles to exhaustion, and then move to the next muscle for instance start with the back, move to the biceps or triceps e.t.c, for the best results use lighter weight but on higher repetition. Frequency and commitment is essential so, the athlete should work out all the muscles approximately 3 times a week. You must at least incorporate plyometrics for the best results. To get the best of your endurance exercise is to stick to the best recommended diet.

Having followed all the muscle mass and toning exercises you will sure get the best since it will bring out the best in your athletic prowess.


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