June 7th, 2009

Adjustable Cane
yeah, but i already bought a folding cane, & i cant take it back?

someone said here, the folding cane isnt good?
mine is new, its a,
Deluxe wood patterned folding cane, with maple hand grip, & says hospitol Quality, Adjustable Height & locking collar for safety, does it sound ok & HOW DO I USE IT RIGHT?

See my answer to your previous question. I gave you a link on how to properly size (and use) your cane.

It is not true that the folding canes collapse on you. I’ve put my whole weight on my folding cane and it’s never collapsed. It would only collapse if it wasn’t locked properly at the peg joint, or if you weigh 500 pounds. So long as you don’t put a million pounds of pressure on the cane (which isn’t the proper use of the cane to begin with) or so long as it’s locked it should never collapse!

The amazing cane flute

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