July 4th, 2009

Ankle Brace
Where can i find an ankle brace to stop rolling my ankles if i have flat feet?

I have had flat feet since I was a kid and now i have knee problems. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on where to get an ankle brace to stop my ankles from rolling just when i stand.

I do alot of sports and when i run my ankles dont hurt my knees hurt because of my ankles. Please Help!

YES exercises are good for pronation! Contact that previous post – The problem is in your feet and not in your ankles. You need exercises and a custom foot support. Get a prescription from a doctor and you need to go to an ORTHOTIST not a podiatrist. An Orthotist makes custom arch supports and foot orthoses that fit inside your shoes and help correct the alignment of your foot bones. A cast or mold is made of your foot when it is in a corrected position with the arch at it’s correct height. An Orthotist will make and can properly adjust your braces so that you can start with a milder support and work your way up to a more correct position over time. Your foot is very sensitive and gets a lot of abuse. A Podiatrist orders a brace and sticks it in your shoe without any ability to make changes in his/her office. Podiatrists are good at taking care of feet, but in the end, it’s better to go to the manufacturer of the brace. Trust me, go to the company that actually makes the brace! Call and ask to talk to the Orthotist – make sure it’s someone who makes their own foot orthoses and is willing to both adjust the braces and teach you about proper shoe design. If there is a certified PEDORTHOTIST (specializing in feet) that’s even better.
Foot orthoses are expensive, usually not covered by insurance and do take some time to get used to, BUT can make a world of difference for everything from the ankles up. Most foot orthoses last a minimum of one year and some last for many years depending on what they are made of (foam, cork, rubber, gel, hard plastic, resin). I have worn foot orthoses since I was a teenager and now as a 36 year old adult, I can definitely feel it in my knees and hips when I don’t wear quality shoes and my orthoses. Your running shoes should also be designed for flat arches. When you go to a good running store, the salesperson should be able to show you shoes with a split heel where the inner half is made of a firmer material than the outer half so that the foam doesn’t compress as much when your heel hits the ground. Some are also made with the inner half of the heel thicker than the outer half of the heel. This acts as a heel wedge to encourage your arch to be more elevated. A good shoe and orthosis combo is important and your shoes should be bought new every 6 months at a maximum if you are running in them. Old shoes have worn out foam and abrasions on the sole that can make pain worse.

Educational Ankle Brace Video

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