October 2nd, 2009

Arch Supports

How Arch Supports Helped Me

My feet used to hurt all the time. My doctor said that my foot pain is called plantar fasciitis, and that it is caused by excessive wear to my arches. My feet hurt the very worst with the first few steps of the day, which made just getting started every morning a real chore. How was I supposed to work and take care of all the things I needed to do when my feet hurt too much to even walk every morning? Fortunately, I found a solution with arch supports.


I heard about www.archatomics.com, where I was able to order custom arch supports that is exactly the right shape for my foot. The results? My feet no longer hurt. Because I use the right arch support during the day, I can sleep though the night and wake up with no foot pain. The best part about these custom arch supports is how easy it was to order them! All you have to do is follow the easy instructions in the kit they send you and send it back to them. That’s it! In almost no time, I had my 100% unique arch supports.


The best way to break in a new pair of arch supports is to go slowly. Wearing them all day when you first get them may actually cause pain because your feet are unused to the type of structure that it gives the foot. It is better if you just wear them for short intervals, for a few hours at a time, so your feet get accustomed to them.


It’s amazing how much my life was limited by my chronic foot pain. Now that I am finally pain free, I can enjoy activities I would have never tried before using arch supports. I can work and live my life without annoying foot pain!

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Custom Arch Support Technology: Putting the Arch Back in Your Feet

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