September 18th, 2009

Battery Operated
Is It safe to use a battery operated air pump on a presta valve tube ?

My Arrogant sister went out and bought battery operated air pump for me for Christmas. Well I use European valve/Presta valve systems on 2005 Raleigh Grand Prix. I know most of those battery systems won’t work with Presta. Have you tried them and what do think of them. Will they blow out my tires like gas station pumps do ?

Depends on the pressure that the battery pump can achieve. I don’t think a battery pump will make the 100 or so PSI you need (assuming most 700x23c’s are 100-120psi). You could use an adapter for the pump and try. Go slow with the pump. You can actually use an adapter with a gas station pump if you do it in very short bursts. The gas station pump doesn’t over-pressurize the tire it over-volumes the tire — too much air vs too much pressure. The battery pump is much less volume than the gas station inflater.

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