October 15th, 2009

Beige Extra
hollister bags!?

i have 2 hollister bags. and i really like both but i want to buy another one but i’m trying to limit how many bags i have. i have a beige and a blue one. the beige one is the first bags that hollister made and the blue one is the one with the zippers. it was like the first zipper bag.
beige- it matches any outfit
blue- a little bit bigger than the beige one, has a zipper, 2 more extra pockets
beige-doesn’t have alot of pockets.
blue-it doesn’t match all of my outfits.
-what i keep in my bags:
water bottle, lotion, hand sanitizer, 1 1/2″ binder, paper, pencil case, camera, keys, brush, gum
which one should i use?? i really like both of them. i don’t want to use a backpack though bc it kind of kills my outfits. should i just use the blue one for when my outfits are blue? and the beige for non blue?

you should use the biege on because it matches all your outfits. It doesnt matter if you dont have many pockets because you could get a little bag and put the lotion and hand sanitizer in. So definetly the beige one..

hope i helped =-)

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