September 11th, 2009

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In-need of help and Information.?

okay, so im getting braces this december. And My orthodontics told me that im wearing it for 1year and half and after that, im going on a jaw surgery ! and he said i`ll have the braces for another year? .What Im wondering though is ? If i would ever go for jaw surgery ? Do i have to wear something like supporter like through around my head & jaw? for the whole year that im going to have with the braces on? .. = im really scared .. of the surgery. So please give me a good answer!!?!!

No, i think so, may be you are having something called skeletal malocclusion(i.e.related to jaw bone,but not to the teeth) due to which your dentist has decided to perform jaw surgery. I think you only have to undergo fixing of the both jaws by orthodontic wires called as arch wires , may be for two weeks,after the surgery.You have to rinse your mouth with mouthwash and take soft liquid diet.Take care.Goodluck.

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