September 20th, 2009

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From Tai Chi to Cooking Classes, There is Never a Dull Moment in Many Senior Assisted Living Facili

Senior assisted living facilities don’t have to be quiet, lonely places where life happens in-between meals- in fact; many of them are just the opposite! New senior <a href=>assisted living facilities</a> have a variety of activities ranging from wine tours to concerts, hydrotherapy classes and aerobics.

While a huge majority of the population begins to age, they are not eager to sit immobile and let their golden years pass them by. With the desire to get more out of life, seniors today are looking for assisted living facilities that will help them get the care and therapy they need when they need it, but they also want to live the fullest life they possibly can and they want choices.

Assisted living facilities know that seniors will seek out and pay for private golf lessons, nutrition classes on their own, so instead, facilities are helping out seniors and bringing the activities to them.

Popular Activities and Classes Being Offered at Senior Centers Today
•    Line Dancing
•    Scrap Booking
•    Hydro-aerobics/ swim lessons
•    Nutrition, Medicine and Pharmaceuticals information
•    Outings: Movies, plays, wine tastings, parks and gardens
•    Beauty school visits
•    Golf, croquet, horseshoes and shuffleboard

Nintendo’s Wii Games All the Rage In Senior Centers
Besides experts and instructors coming in to provide stimulus to seniors, Nintendo’s Wii has changed the way seniors play games with each other. Several senior assisted living facilities have brought Nintendo’s Wii into the daily lives of their seniors.
Suddenly, options of whether to play cribbage, bridge or backgammon have come to include Nintendo’s library of interactive video games. Wii games are very popular in senior assisted living facilities and senior centers because the games provide low-impact exercise to an audience who has limited movement or is held back by an injury or illness. Bowling in slippers, playing tennis in a communal living room and swinging a plastic golf club in pajamas has never been easier or more fun.

If you are looking for a senior assisted living facility for yourself or for your parents, you will be happy to know that there are choices on how to spend your golden years. Love the beach and learning how to knit? Want golf lessons and transportation to varying golf courses? There are more choices that can be listed here as to varying degrees of activities, classes and outings that are apart of daily life in senior living facilities today. Management of senior assisted living facilities know that instead of passing the golden years by in front of a television, seniors have demanded more out of their senior assisted living choices.

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About the Author: Melissa Peterman is a web content specialist for Innuity. For more information about assisted living facilities go to Great Places

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