June 15th, 2009

Hand Held
How do you stop a hand held shower from leaking?

I have a shower with the rubber hoses which slide onto the taps but they leak with water squirting through the larger hose which fits onto the actual tap. I’ve tried several different hand held showers and they all leak. Any suggestions about stopping the leak or anything I can wrap around the hose to stop the leak? 🙂

Good old fashioned jubilee clips may help. If your taps have a round profile spout this is definitely for you. Square taps will never be leak proof, the gaps are just too big.

While you’re experimenting, just drape a hand towel or face cloth over the taps to stop the squirty water going everywhere.

These are a sorry excuse for a shower at the best of times and no-one seems to have come up with anything new in decades.

If you’re a bit handy, why not try fitting a set of shower mixer taps yourself, these taps can be bought relatively cheaply these days. Then buy a longer hose for it and fit a wall bracket – voila – now you can stand up in the shower.

It’s easier if the existing taps are connected underneath by flexible pipes, and you may need a bent tap spanner to get to the one furthest from the bath panel, but it can be done with grit and determination. Don’t forget to turn the water off and empty the taps first.

Melancholy Chesterman (Held The Hand by Daniel Johnston)

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