July 13th, 2009

Hand Painted
How to sell hand painted things on the internet?

i paint anything from t-shirts to rice grains or simply that which lacks colour and art including my sandals and marble floors. I now want to be discovered and make customized work for individuals as a hobby. tried e-bay but dint work out. HELP!
for something that i painted, here’s the link, be a judge!


if u tried eBay self representing artist section and it didn’t work out. Maybe you need some recognition locally to get your name in print..alongside your artwork.

Hold a show at a local library, invite the local newspaper…then have a friend video it and add that to utube. Your name will be in print for the local newspaper, gets the word out. Plus you’ll have a link to Utube of the event. All this builds up to your website: and I would go beyond a myspace site….but have that too. I like the MSN free websites for small biz now. Very easy to use and you pay nothing. and you pick your domain name too if still available…that is.

Design something special for an upcoming charity or fund raiser even if you do tee shirts….maybe your designs will get picked and all the participants will wear your design on their shirts… (ie walk a thons etc)

Auction off some of your art work for funds for a local charity event…communities hold these charitiy auctions all the time…and look for one of a kind special things to have. So make it one of your best pieces…and know you raising money for a good cause..and getting your name out there again.

I know how you feel, though, I love to paint too! I paint palm trees on everything from my front door to light switch plates to anything that has not had paint to it yet! I’m hooked on palm trees and sunsets they are all over my house!

good luck!

Post a link here for us to see your work!

BJD Faceup Tutorial

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