November 26th, 2009

Hand Wrist
What are some good hand or wrist tattoo’s to get?

I don’t mean on that will go all the way from my wrist to my hand, I mean either a hand tattoo or a wrist one 🙂

Thanks for any help x

For hands, I like tattoos that are just kind of a design. Like a flower vine or a tribal design. Here are some I think look good –

But, I personally think you should get a wrist tattoo. The hand tattoos are nice but I think a wrist tattoo is something that is easier to cover (if you ever have to) & I just like the way they look too. As far as designs there are toons of things you could get. You could choose a word or phrase that means something to you or any kind of star/flower/heart/etc. Here are some I like –

Violin Lesson #22; Vibrato (hand/wrist)

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