November 10th, 2009

Heel Seat
What will happen at the meeting betwen Obama, Gates and Crowley?

It seems they are going to be seated at a picnic table outside the Oval Office. If so, will Gate and Crowley sit on the same side of the table? And if so, since Obama is such a light weight will the table flip over when Gates and Crowley sit down and send Obama flying?
(I’m sorry but when I heard they were going to be sitting at a picnic table this image popped into my head of Obama going head over heels)

I guess we will be seeing Obama in magazines with beer foam mustache with the caption “Got Beer”. Perfect advertising for Busch & Miller. AA counselers are rolling their eyes. Obama sets a precedent that alcohol solves any problems including racial.

Seriously though, it can’t be good for Crowley (2 against 1) he is going into this as perceived bad guy (even though he was following police procedure) and Gates is going into this as the victim (even though he is one who started this whole mess).

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