August 4th, 2009

Jeanie Rub
This guy made a threat to another guy if he touches me. Does he like me?

I’m on the fencing team and the captain of the fencing team is a boy named Dan. He always wants to fence me personally. He gave me a nickname “Jeanie Poo” and i call him “Danny Bear”. He always says that im the best freshman on the team and that im his favorite. This guy Carl always flirts with me and hugs me and Dan made a threat saying “Jean if any boy touches you, i will cut them up”. And when I gave Dan a card for christmas, he gave me a really long hug and rubbed my back. And on facebook he wrote a message on my wall saying “Dearest Jeany-poo.
You are the bomb-iest. I appreciate you very kindly. Have a very merry berry cherry Christmas.” I checked on his page if he wrote a message to anyone else and he didn’t.

first gag me with all the mushy cutesy wootsy names and messages. second yes he likes you

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