July 26th, 2009

Leg Brace
My leg is in a immobilizing leg brace, but it won’t stay up on my leg. Any ideas?

I hurt my knee and was told to keep it straight and in an immobilizing leg brace. Well, I am a full time student and employee and I move around a lot and the brace just slides down my leg. I have it as tight as I can get it without cutting off my circulation. Any ideas and input would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!
Yeah, it’s a hard brace, with the metal splints in it to keep me from bending my knee.

Is it a soft brace, like those Ace bandage supports? If it is, you can use safety pins and pin the brace to your pant leg. Use garters or suspenders. Maybe tape it? Medical tape only if you do that. If it’s a hard brace, I’m not sure what would help, sorry.

Heavy leg braces on both legs but still able to drive

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