August 7th, 2009

Massager Air

Air Baths Offer Effervescent Relaxation

Having an air bath can be one of the most effective ways to relax the mind and body.  While millions of air bubbles swirl around you, the bath can provide a targeted massage that is gentle and soothing.  Owning an air bath allows you to get spa relaxation benefits in the privacy of your home.

Types of air tubs that are available

Depending on your needs, there are different features that you can choose from when purchasing your air tub.  For those who want a very soothing experience, choosing a tub that will give you a calming soak is important.  Some tubs allow you to use oils and bath salts for extra relaxation.  This type of tub will allow you to relieve stress after a long day and provide the soothing comfort you desire. 

Another type of air tub is one with a jet feature.  This feature can give you a targeted massage and relieve muscular tension.  Those with frequent back aches will benefit from this type of air tub which will relax muscles with heat and give a deep-tissue massage for as long as you’d like.  There are also several different types of jets available depending on your individual preferences. 

Health benefits of owning an air tub

There are many health benefits associated with using an air tub.  Having regularly scheduled relaxation time is one of the most experienced benefits a tub can give.  When having some relaxing time is a regular activity, your stress levels are reduced giving you a better chance at staying healthy and avoiding illness. 

Another health benefit of the tub is soothing muscle tension.  If you experience regular aches and pains this can help calm some of these issues. 

Additionally, there are many forms of hydrotherapy that can be used with an air tub.  This can help promote healthy organ function and digestion, along with calming the nervous system and relieving some insomnia.  The health benefits are endless in owning an air tub. 

Providing relaxation and comfort, the air tub is an excellent addition to any home.

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