April 27th, 2009

Pulse Pain
neck pain where pulse is taken — what’s located there?

i have had an on again off again pain in the neck (literally) where you would put your finger to take your pulse on the left side. what body part is located there? i also have a sore back of my neck on the right side, but no sore throat or earache. what’s going on? ty.
**I have been giving antibiotics for this before but it always reoccurs; was told it was strep a few times.

the area most people take their pulse in the neck is also near the lymph nodes in the throat. They can swell when you are sick, they are part of your immune system. I’ve experienced this pain before too, and that’s what my doctor and school biology teacher both told me. The slight swelling will go down when what ever is making you sick is taken care of, and then the pain should stop too. But if the swelling there doesn’t go down then it could be a more serious problem, like cancer in the lymph nodes or other section of your body. Good Luck and hope I helped!

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