June 27th, 2009

Right Hand

Right Hand Rings: Celebrate Your Success With Diamonds

Anniversary rings or Right hand rings are a celebration of independence, beauty and success of a woman. These rings are worn by both single as well as married women. They remind us of whom we are and what our identities are. A woman can indulge herself by purchasing a ring that is as bold as her own persona. The best part is that now you can select diamonds of your own choice, whether it would be a solitaire ring or a ring with clustered diamonds embedded on it. They could be worn in any finger in right hand but are generally worn on the index finger.

Right hand diamond rings are just self-indulgence to pamper one self. They are not presented by your loved one or spouse, these rings are more like cocktail rings. Their new and elegant designs help a woman to express her unique personality and style. The demand for such rings has increased tremendously over the past years, as female celebrities have started flaunting their diamond rings in public appearances. Rings have always been in fashion and will remain in vogue, but lately the craze for these rings has raised all bars. The target groups of jewelers are women of age between 30-65 years, as it is known to all that diamonds are girl’s best friends.

Right hand rings are exquisite but have lesser emotions attached to them as compared to engagement or anniversary rings. Every ring is a reflection of a person that chooses to wear them. A cheerful piece depicts a woman’s jovial and happy nature; similarly a vintage flower shaped ring flaunts her feminity. They look perfect when teamed up with a simple pair of earrings. As times change, traditions and customs change, earlier women used to wait for a man to propose her and present her with that beautiful gift of love. But now that wait is over as women have started pampering themselves by gifting themselves right hand diamond rings which sparkle like stars.

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