September 30th, 2009

Strap Brace
Need help with my Donjoy Legend knee brace?

I wear my legend on my left leg when playing softball. For a while it only left an impression after I took it off for 12 hours or so and went away by the morning. About 3 weeks ago I wore knee high socks underneath and that combined with the heat “caked” the sock to my leg and has left a scar of ridges that have still not fully healed. It’s the back strap that’s right below the knee that causes the issue. (the only strap with rubber instead of foam for those familiar with the brace). I tried wrapping it with an old cotton shirt to make it less irritating but that didn’t work. Now I have the scar from the sock (which i stopped using btw) in addition to a blister from the rubbing. Any ideas for how to solve this problem?

Two answers. One go to a local pharmacy and get a product called adhesive foam and attach it to the strap. That should give you the padding you had before and still allow the rear support that the strap was intended. Second where you got the brace should be able to readjust the straps on the brace and they should not charge you for it. The only question that is raised with this is has the calf musculature gotten larger thereby creating a brace that either needs an adjustment or is no longer fitting. Talk to the people that gave the brace to you.

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