April 3rd, 2009

the different types of a chiropractor
Auto injury settlement?

I was in an auto accident a little more than 2 years ago(not at fault). I was taken in the ambulance, and after an MRI was diagnosed with a herniated disc on my L5-S1. I have been in constant pain since the date of the accident and have received just about every type of treatment there is. I have done physical therapy, chiropractor, acupuncture, 2 different sets of injections in to the disc, and spinal rehabilitation. Nothing has worked. My lawyer is suing my insurance under my underinsured motorist for 300,000. And he is also suing the other driver’s insurance for 100,000. How much do you think I can expect?
I was 18 years old at the time, and never had back problems… until then.
I know my medical bills arent going to be too much, because I did have medical insurance with my auto policy for 15,000 which i exhausted. I was also recieving disability checks (I havent been able to work since the day of the accident)from my insurance which also exhausted out at 15,000.

How do you claim to have come by a herniated disc from an auto accident so low in your spine?
If you claimed a neck injury I could understand that.
Suing your insurance? Good luck with that.

OK, there is a possibility I might be wrong, sorry if that is the case. 🙂
I have had a herniated disc, l5-S1 too, I had surgery on it twenty years ago and it helped very much.

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