December 24th, 2009

Thigh High
Where can I buy thigh high socks – not stockings – at a common clothing store and not online?

I would like to find some place that sells them, I like thigh high socks, they go well with skirts. At prices that won’t burn holes in my pockets.

Maybe Wet Seal or Forever 21?
I know it’s a while to while but if you go Black Friday shopping, or just generally shopping around Christmas you can find some because it will be colder and people will want them for gifts. Besides, Christmas isn’t far away at all.
But yeah…
If you want, and if you can fit (I hope that didn’t sound rude) Limited Too has VERY cute and cheap KNEE-HIGHS, and they’ll have them by the time it’s back to school… but then again some people hate that store and you ARE looking for thigh-highs…

I hope you find some!

Thigh high stockings my arse!!

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