December 27th, 2009

Thigh Wrap
I got a tattoo on my upper thigh today… suggestions for proper healing?

I got the eye of Horus on my upper thigh. It was bandaged in saran wrap at the place, and three hours later I unwrapped it, cleaned the tatt with Dial soap and water, and rewrapped it in saran wrap. Some people have told me not to rewrap it, while other people say that it’s a good idea to have a tatt wrapped the first night. I’ve also heard that it needs air to heal, but some people have said that it should stay wrapped for the first three days. Suggestions?

AfterCare. Follow it, and your tattoos will heal *awesome*.
Disregard, you get whats coming to ya.

Wait 2-4 hours to take the bandage off.

Wash your tattoo a couple of times a day with clean hands. Use Dial antibacterial liquid soap. Not bar, liquid. Rinse well. Air Dry. Do not re-bandage.

Never ever touch your tattoo with dirty hands. In fact, dont touch it unless you are washing it or applying Aquaphor. (lotion, works swell)
Minimal amounts of lotion at first. A thin layer. Dont cake that shit on. No products with aloe, alcohol or fragarance.

For 2 to 4 weeks, shower only. Make them quick.
NO-hottubs, bathtubs, lakes, rivers, oceans, streams. Standing water harbors bacteria.

No tanning beds. No Saunas. If you exercise, Wash up afterwords. Change your sheets and pillowcases regularly…this helps reduce the chance of nasties working their way onto/into your tattoo. It’s an open wound, people.

Do not scratch or pick at your tattoo. This can be devastating. You will rip the ink right out of your skin, you can cause scarring, or you could infect yourself. Don’t touch!
If scabs do form, let them fall off on their own. If it gets super itchy, you can slap at it, through your shirt.

Wear light, airy clothing. Nothing that might rub ya wrong. This too can equal devastation, mad scarring, general yuckiness.

No direct sunlight while its healing…and when it is healed, use sunscreen each and everytime you do expose it to sunlight. This helps reduce fading.

Dont be a douche. Dont go rolling around in poo, mudbathing…you get my point.

We can tell if you mistreated your tattoo.

Special instructions–
Neck tattoos—-If you have long hair, and you have had your neck tattooed, wash your hair in the sink for the first week. Most shampoos have crazy amounts of alcohol. You do not want shampoo anywhere near your new tattoo. Also, do not wear necklaces while you are healing.

Finger/hand tattoos—- No washing dishes, wearing gloves…do not wear rings over healing finger tattoos. Same goes with your wrists tattoos…no watches! You use your hands a lot, they bend, move and twist all of the time. Be mindful.

Help keep artists work looking beautiful.
Treat your art (and your body!) with respect.

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