August 22nd, 2009

Walker Seat
What should I register for my Babyshower?

First time mommy, and I don’t know what to register for. BabiesRus has a checklist that is made to help you out, but it has items on there like; highchairs, jumpers, walkers, infant seat, playards, and cribs. Do I really register for all of those items? I know that chances are, I won’t receive the items in my registry, so what should I register for?

register for things like : a boppy pillow, pacifiers, bottles, newborn lounger items, bibs, blankets, baby bath tub, towels & wash cloths, bottle warmer, wipe warmer, sleep positioner, crib sheets, monitor, mobile, swing, and other various nursery items such as cribs, play items, infant seats, strollers, high chairs etc etc.

i keep hearing people on here making reference that people do not generally buy from a registry… but for my shower people certainly did! You obviously will not get everything you register for, but like someone above me said- some stores offer discounts on remaining items! So, register away!!

best to you!!

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